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15 Chilling Things You Should Never, Ever Google

The internet can be a pretty scaring place. One wrong word, one wrong button and you can end up on a page that traumatizes you forever.

We’re here to save you from such a tragic experience. Here’s a list of 15 things you should never look up on the internet.

15. Puzzle Video

the Puzzle Video is a video that shows a man in a cloak, a mask and a long pointy nose as he walks around a mental hospital. It’s already scary just looking at him, but the Morse codes and hidden messages in the video make it worse. These messages spell out the end of the world and imply potentially killing the president.

14. Reborn Dolls says a Reborn doll is a Real Baby Replica, where computer photometric scans of a real newborn baby are used to create a doll. This is meant for women who give birth to stillborn babies as a means of dressing up their dead fetuses for photograph.

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