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15 Celebs Who Got Fat After Becoming Famous

Celebrities are well-known individuals. As public figures and role models, they’re fame puts them under a huge spot light. Every single action and every single detail is put under the microscope, and it can get frustrating.

Unfortunately, appearance is one of the more popular details that the media and public like to focus on. Here are 15 celebrities that have been victimized for their weight change, and it only helped them get bigger.

15. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s weight has been a long time topic for the public eye. The fluctuation has been highlighted by social media consistently throughout the years, with comments such as “Mariah Carey has shed a whopping 45 lbs. from her voluptuous body, sparking speculation she underwent liposuction to get rid of her thunder thighs and fat hips!”

14. Russell Crow

Russell Crow, a well known actor, has gained a noticeable 50 pounds over the last few years. Now in his late 50’s, it’s obvious he’s in need for a change in lifestyle.

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