14 Interesting Facts Everyone Needs to Know

Everyday people get fed a never-ending cycle of bad news. What about all the good things happening in the world? Why do those things never appear on the news? It’s because of the bottom line. Bad news sells more copies and instills more fear into the public. It’s time for people to start focusing on all the good in the world again. Here are 14 things everyone will enjoy about nature. Number 8 is one interest fact you will never forget!

1. Macaques in Japan photo source: o2worldnews.com
If you ever take a trip to Japan, make sure to check out the Macaques using vending machines. They’ve been trained to grab people snacks or drinks while they work!

People can learn something from the next animal!

2. The Loyal Puffin photo source: zebraa1.deviantart.com
When a puffin finds its mate, it never lets go. Puffin couples stay loyal to each other for life! Once upon time, people were once like puffins.

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3. Stardust photo source: kevinalanlamb.com
Stars that once collapsed consisted of all the same elements that form humans. In essence, we are all made out of stardust. How’s that for mind-blowing?

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4. Gentlemen photo source: commons.wikimedia.org
Male puppies are all little gentlemen. When they play with female puppies, they let them win even if they are more powerful. Too cute!

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5. The Friendly Cow photo source: it.wikipedia.org
Humans aren’t the only creatures with best friends. Cows have best friends too!

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6. Milk does a body good. photo source: cbc.ca
A study was conducted to see if cows enjoyed soothing music. When they listened to the music, they ended up producing more milk. Every dairy farmer needs to start using this method!

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7. The Romantic Tale of Mickey & Minnie photo source: zimbio.com
Mickey and Minnie mouse aren’t only in love in the cartoon. The couple who does the voices for the characters fell in love in real life too! They have been happily married for some time now.

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8. Sleeping Otters photo source: commons.wikimedia.org
Sea otters love showing affection. While they sleep, they hold hands to feel more safe.

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9. The Intelligent Dolphin photo source: dolphinlatrobe2011.wikispaces.com
Dolphins speak in their own language and are incredibly gifted creatures. The cool part is they give each other names like humans, but instead they use dolphin language.

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10. A Famous Penguin photo source: that panic.com
One penguin became so famous in Norway, the country decided to knight him. He resides in the Edinburgh Zoo and officially has the title Colonel-in-Chief of the Norwegian Royal Guard.

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11.Sight isn’t needed to smile! photo source: en.wikipedia.org
People who were born blind, never know what it’s like to see. The beautiful part is they never need to see someone smile in order to smile themselves.

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12. Rabbits Compete photo source: flick.com
Everyone has seen a dog show, but what about a rabbit show? Sweden hosts the Kaninhoppning every year. It’s similar to a dog show, only it’s rabbits competing instead of dogs.

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13. Turtle’s have a rare ability. photo source: flickr.com
Turtles have a strange ability you most likely never knew about. They can breathe through their butts!

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14. Squirrels work hard for the planet. photo source: flickr.com
Every year, squirrels all over the planet work hard to bury acorns. Essentially, they plant 1,000s of trees annually, since they can’t possibly remember where they buried all those nuts!

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