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12 Things You Did Not Know Your Body Can Do

No amount of science is going to sufficiently explain how humans have evolved to be such intricately detailed creatures. The human body works in mysterious ways. Every single second of every single day, your body is undergoing several reactions and chemical mechanisms in order to make sure that you not only stay alive, but have perception of the world you’re living in.

Appreciate your body and read on to discover 12 amazing things the human body can do.

1. Did you know that your eyes can actually predict the weather? When your body gets too cold, hypothermia kicks in. Hypothermia is when your blood vessels constrict to save your energy. In really cold weather, those vessels in your eyes will get smaller as a physiological response, and you can actually go blind for a while.

2. You can actually hear a lot better if you turn your left ear towards the person talking. This is what some people unofficially call “super hearing.”

3. Heartburn is more common than you think. However, there’s ways of curing it other than medication. You can actually resolve heart burn problems by sleeping on your left side. Research has demonstrated that this position helps relieve your body from suffering from an acidic stomach. Sleeping on your left side allows gravity to keep your stomach away from your throat. 

4. All humans are actually subject to shredding. Skin dries and dead skin cells need to come off. It’s important to apply lotion in order to allow the proper removal and prevent any damage to the first layer of your skin. 

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