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12 Stunning Moms Who Look The Same Age As Their Daughters

Some people age like good wine, and if we’re lucky, we’ll be one of those people. Everyone ages differently and genes happen to have a great toll on appearance. Therefore, it comes down to having those good genes are going to make you look like you’re 30 when you’re actually 50.

For some people, those genes are really good, a little too good. Wouldn’t you love to be mistaken as a sister instead of a mother? Some people have that luxury. Here are 12 moms and their daughters who look so alike, you can’t tell who’s the mom and who’s the daughter.

1. The Mahomes have two twin girls, both are 18 years old. It just so happen that their mom, Tina (in the middle), looks like she’s a sister. How old do you really think she is?

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