10 Unsettling Photos of Sadistic Killers Next to Their Victims – PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

It’s impossible for a normal person to understand the mind of a murderer.  At the same time, it fascinates us to think someone could commit such sick and twisted acts.  The following killers are some of the most diabolical humans the world has ever seen.  Be warned, their stories are NOT for the lighthearted.  #9 is the absolute worst!

1. The Truck Stop Killer

Robert Ben Rhoades aka “The Truck Stop Killer” murdered more than 50 women between 1975 and 1990.  Only three victims were confirmed after he was caught with a naked woman handcuffed in the back of his truck.

2. William Richard Bradford

Never trust a photographer without credentials.  Bradford lured his victims in by offering them photoshoots.  He was found guilty of murdering a barmaid and a 15-yr-old in 1984.  What started out as photoshoot quickly turned into rape and death by strangulation.

3. The Kansas City Butcher

Robert Berdella preferred to kill his victims slowly in his basement.  He would spend weeks torturing them while documenting each day’s events in a written log.  Between 1984 and 1987, he killed at least six men.  After pleading guilty, he died in prison 4 years later after experiencing a heart attack.

4. Jerry Brudos

The schizophrenic Jerry Brudos loved high heels.  He grew up with an abusive mother which led to his hatred for women.  He began abducting female victims at age 17 and eventually progressed into killing them by 1968.  He would dress up in high heels after murdering them and masturbate.  The picture above was taken only hours before he murdered her.

5. Dennis Rader aka The BTK Killer

Rader seemed like a normal man and even was a Boy Scout leader as a child.  As an adult, he became a serial killer who bound, tortured, and strangled his victims to death.  Rader would then reenact the killing by dressing up like the victims and taking photos.

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