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10 Things Girls Do That Turn Guys On

What is it about a girl that has guys falling head over heels for her? We see so many guys grow consumed with infatuation for that specific someone. Whether its a TV show or a movie, the process of a guy falling for a girl is romanticized as that single, very special moment when time slows down and the girl is glowing with a heavenly laugh.

So what is it that makes that stranger the one? Well, there are actually certain qualities of women that tend to capture a guy’s immediate attention.

Read on and find out the 10 things you can do next time you want to have your crush make googly eyes at you.

1. Laughing… it’s something that you do so subconsciously. While the act is natural, the effect it may have on a guy is not. Many guys are actually completely attracted to the sound of a girl’s laugh.

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