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10 Signs That You Aren’t Lazy, You’re a Genius

We’re all quick to critique ourselves and other. When we’re actually realistic and correct about our self-judgement, it can be accepted. However, it’s a whole different dilemma whenever we judge ourselves and others falsely.

Lazy… Genius… Do any of these words describe you? If so, you might want to take a minute to read on. There’s a very fine line between lazy and genius and we’re here to draw that line!

1: Talking to yourself: Talking to yourself helps you concentrate and be more organized as collect your thoughts.

2: Having Few Friends: Social expectations can actually bring about stress. The less interaction, the less anxiety and more of an improvement towards yourself and your well being.

3: Seeming stagnant: Note how it says “seeming” because while it may appear that you are doing nothing, your mind is actually working very hard and you are too consumed with your thoughts to physically do anything.

4: Taking your time: Here’s a battle of quality versus quantity. While multitasking is praised, those who taking their time doing one thing at a time have a much higher rate of accuracy.

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