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10 Beauty Secrets From The Past That Are Useful Even Today

5. Mint: Believe it or not, mint is not just for eating and flavoring foods. Back in the day, women would grind mint and rub it on their faces to ensure healthy skin. Today, mint is used with cucumber and honey to maintain good skin.

6. Honey: It’s not just tasty for the mouth but apparently for the skin too! Cleopatra allegedly used the thick liquid for her skin as well as hair. Today, honey is used to make face masks. Some honey, some cream and your skin will be moisturized in no time.

7. Sea Salt Scrubs: These are especially popular today, but they have always been a useful method of maintaining tight, firm skin. Just mix two tablespoons of the sea salt with cream and massage it over your warm skin. Expect great results!

8. Coconut Oil: It’s not only used for cooking, you know! Coconut oil has been an amazing moisturizer for skin and hair for centuries now. It leaves both your skin and hair feeling smooth, soft and very shiny.

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