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10 Amazing Facts About Women

Women, can’t live with them, can’t live without them…

Looking back at history, women have come a long way. Whether it’s suffrage, equal pay, or a amalgam of other actions towards rights, women have successfully paved their way to equality.

Let’s take this moment to appreciate women. Their determination, perseverance and collaboration is remarkable and valuable. Whether its a sister, mother, friend or girlfriend, we all have those special women in our life that we can’t go on without.

Here are 10 interesting facts about women that are worth knowing.

1. Unite: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, as an American politician and one the longest First Lady of the United States, has become a hero in women’s history. At a time when women were not viewed as having the potential to take on roles outside of the domestic sphere, Roosevelt took a stand and made herself a marker in American politics.

Upon refusing to be interviewed by male journalists, newspaper companies were forced to hire females in order to get the information they needed.

2. Dreams: Research indicated that women are more susceptible to an emotionally triggered sleep cycle, such as dreams and nightmares, than men.

Research as to why this occurs remains modest, However, scientists have inquired as hormones and other chemical factors as having a role in the observed data.

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